Texas House District 34: Herrero fights for comeback

CORPUS CHRISTI — House District 34 candidate Abel Herrero believes that while the voters got what they wanted in the 2010 election, they might not like what they got.

Herrero, who held the seat for three terms before losing to Republican Connie Scott, said he is ready to reclaim it for those who most need him — the poor and elderly and public school students of western Nueces County.

“This year is going to be different,” he said. “Unlike in 2010, now my opponent has a voting record. You can see for yourself and gauge in terms of what the district needs.”

Herrero said his first priority will be to fix some of the problems Scott helped create both in school funding and health care programs for children and the elderly.

“Health care is critical to a large part of the population, but with seniors specifically, Scott voted against increasing the reimbursement rate for Medicaid, and now physicians are refusing those patients,” he said.

To reverse it, he said he will work to increase reimbursement rates for doctors and find a way to expand benefits for working families.

Herrero said he recently met a single mother with two jobs and two kids who cannot afford health insurance but who at least is hoping to get it for her kids.

“I give her credit,” he said. “She’s a strong person who is working hard and risking her own health to provide opportunities for her family, but she needs better access to health care.”

But while he wants to reverse Republican efforts in Austin last session, he also looks forward to creating better opportunities by supporting small business job growth and educational opportunities.

Critical to that is resisting the constant pressure to continue raising rates on Texas Windstorm Insurance Association policy premiums, he said.

“We need to come up with solutions that don’t discriminate against coastal homeowners,” he said. “We share the risk, burden and expense of catastrophes statewide.”

Herrero is an attorney. He and his wife Matilda have five children.

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