On The Record

Dear Friends,

I’m proud to be running a campaign that focuses on the real issues that our community faces today.

Connie’s attack ads make claims that simply aren’t true. She’s trying to muddy the waters just to rack up political points.

I voted to improve the quality of care at nursing homes and to ensure access to healthcare for our seniors. I stood with teachers to fight against unfunded mandates and keep our kids safe in classrooms. While Connie continues her false claims about benefits, she fails to mention that I have not qualified for a dime in pensions from the state.

I stand by my voting record. Will Connie stand by hers?

Within the same breath of saying she would prioritize public education, she inflicted harmful cuts on our neighborhood schools. Connie’s votes cut over 11,000 teachers’ jobs, overcrowd classrooms with more students, and spend another 90 million dollars on standardized tests.

Connie needs to stop running from her record, and tell the truth about mine. I have confidence that you will see through her dishonesty and hold her accountable.
I ask for your vote on Election Day.

Abel Herrero

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