Scott Gets a Zero But Wants Voters to Think She’s a Hero

Connie Scott’s TWIA Letter Won’t Make Up For Bad Votes

CORPUS-CHRISTI–St. Rep. Connie Scott apparently hopes that one letter to the commissioner of the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association will make up for her 10 votes against windstorm insurance rate payers, said Abel Herrero, Scott’s Democratic opponent.

“Connie Scott’s little letter doesn’t amount to much when compared to her 10 big votes against consumers,” Herrero said. “Scott is on the side of Big Insurance, not the homeowners who deserve fair rates and services.”

Texas Watch, a non-partisan consumer group, graded every Texas House member based on 10 key votes on TWIA issues in 2011. Scott scored a “0” by voting against consumers every single time.

“Connie Scott apparently doesn’t think the voters here are smart enough to see through such a silly political stunt,” Herrero said. “Scott will find out soon that the people don’t like two-faced politicians – especially those trying to hide a dismal, anti-consumer record.”