Save Our Schools!

In 2011, the Republicans in the Texas House dealt a devastating blow to our children’s public schools.

And HD 34 State Representative Connie Scott rigidly followed the party line on every key vote.

So far, almost 11,000 teachers have lost their jobs and, overall, the state is short 15,000 teachers. School districts everywhere are raising class sizes, shutting down campuses or eliminating critical programs.

The only thing the Republicans didn’t attack were standardized tests, so the average Texas student still spends one out of every four days – 45 days a year – taking or preparing for a standardized test.

Abel Herrero thinks Scott got it backwards. He says they should have scrapped the tests and protected our schools.

As our State Representative, Herrero will send out an SOS – Save Our Schools! He backs a plan that will:
• Free up teachers to spend more time with each child
• Eliminate money-wasting standardized tests and state red tape
• Reinstate class size limits
• Restore programs for dropout prevention and educational equality

The choice is clear: Better schools with Herrero or worse schools with Scott.

Senior Citizens Deserve Better

Thousands of senior citizens in House District 34 – and hundreds of thousands across the state – depend on Medicaid for their health care.

In turn, doctors who treat Medicaid patients depend on the state to reimburse them for their services.

But in 2011, House Republicans decided to slash the doctors’ reimbursements. They cut them so low that some doctors have stopped seeing Medicaid patients, while others are refusing to take new patients.

Obviously, Connie Scott wasn’t thinking about the seniors in her district when she cast that vote.

As someone who grew up with a single mom, Abel Herrero understands how important Medicaid can be to a person’s wellbeing and life. He will make sure that seniors can get access to the health care they deserve by ensuring that their doctors receive the reimbursements they need.

Seniors can count on Herrero. They can’t count on Scott.

Windstorm Insurance: Too Much For Too Little?

The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association has jacked up its rates, and the Legislature allowed TWIA to raise rates again this year.

At the same time, there are real questions about whether we will receive the service we deserve the next time a hurricane strikes. Thousands of residents in Galveston were outraged when TWIA systematically denied their legitimate claims.

Trying to look like she sides with homeowners, Connie Scott recently wrote a letter scolding the state Insurance Commissioner about TWIA.

Except there was a little problem. Texas Watch, a non-partisan consumer group, gave Scott a “0” for opposing critical TWIA reforms 10 separate times, including voting to allow this year’s rate increase.

Abel Herrero will be on our side. He’ll fight against rate increases and demand that TWIA provide the service we have paid so much for.

Herrero listens to homeowners. Scott obeys big insurance.

Jobs and the Economy: Herrero Takes The Lead

As State Representative, Abel Herrero was a leader in creating a business environment that would attract new employers to the Coastal Bend and create new opportunities for all of us.

Working with local business leaders, Herrero spearheaded an effort to expand area educational opportunities. In particular, he secured $4 million from the state to create a mechanical engineering program at Texas A&M Corpus Christi.

Meanwhile, Herrero played a key role in solving a major problem.

Various companies had dumped used drilling mud and other harsh chemicals into the Ballard Pits and covered them with only a layer of dirt. Years later, the chemicals were seeping from the pits into the soil. There were real concerns that the nearby Nueces River and area homes could be contaminated during a flood.

In addition to creating serious health risks, potentially, such contamination could have also raised red flags to businesses thinking of moving here.

Prior to Herrero’s assistance, the state had discovered and studied only one pit. However, to fully insure the safety of area residents,Herrero convinced the state to expand its search and investigation to other parts of the 291-acre site. Sure enough, more pollution threats were found and eventually eliminated, thanks to Herrero’s persistence and help.

Just like he did before, Herrero will work hard to create more jobs and more business growth in our community.